The Roadmap and the Rigor Test

The need for organizations to adapt and change is more urgent than ever. However, studies continue to show that 50-75% of major change efforts fail to realize their target results.

A major reason is that when organizations plan an initiative, they often fail—for understandable reasons—to anticipate the full range of things that might go wrong. Change is hard, and plans invariably have to be adapted during implementation. Organizations that have a formal, structured process to identify and mitigate critical risks and interdependencies across multiple change efforts throughout the organization can manage these inevitable disruptions and powerfully flip the odds in favor of success for the overall change effort.

For this reason, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), has developed two tools that identify—prior to launch—all critical known risks and interdependencies, along with regular lead indicators that give leaders forward-looking indications of looming challenges: The Roadmap and the Rigor Test. By applying these tools, organizations can develop the capability and confidence to manage known risks and interdependencies, thereby creating the bandwidth to subsequently deal with the risks that could not have been anticipated.